Superman flew out of Chivalry

Posted on December 26, 2009


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Aqua Gallon

:: AQUA brand Gallon ::

This is one of the few trusted brands- gallon mineral water drink in Indonesia, not tap water. It’s not so safe to boil tap water to drink apparently… but i do it anyways, so far no Cholera or whatsoever, still perfectly healthy.

One gallon- 19 liters of water of this is only Rp11K so cheap… that those who wants to buy beer bottle and drink my as well drink pee. The price is more or less the same, lesser though.

It’s so not light to carry one of those… every time i have to heave that thing, i wobble to one side of my body. The thought of carrying a gallon one meter to my hostel, kills me.

For the 2nd time, instead of asking Gallon from my hostel Bapak i had to buy at the nearest Sundry shop. Like the last time, we hire a Trishaw man to send 4 gallons back to our place. One short trishaw trip cost Rp 5k only… but the thing is you don’t get young-oxes on Trishaws, there’s only those ancient-skeleton ones. Frail-little girls heart we have we always give extra… Rp5k for every gallon he sent.

That fateful day… i met SUPERMAN….

Superman Pictures, Images and Photos

There he was clad in maroon shirt ( i swear his physics look like the pic of superman above!) and paying for his gallons… he just lifted two of his gallons effortlessly, one on each hands, as if he was carrying his regular weight lifting 38kg dumbells!! >.<”

(Now.. that is what i need :] a pair of strong arms to carry my gallons)

Right there… other than feeling much amaze with his brawn, i felt all the need to burst out laughing in a non-demeanor manner, and i did!
I found it all too funny of the irony of it.

Comparisons funnies:
CAR vs. Trishaw
SUPERMAN vs. ancient-skeleton and 4 struggling girls

both parties buying 4 Gallons of Aqua each

(Now.. that is what i need :] a pair of strong arms to carry my gallons)

The best part, i was most tempted to ask strong man there to lift my gallons back to my place for me 😀 Well, he had a black sedan, he need not carry all 4 gallons by himself plus he get to chauffeur 4 girls back 😉  and it’s only a 3 minutes trip!

You know what that beefy guy did? SMILED only la in her ‘tersipu-sipu’ way… nodded his head and politely said that he was leaving first! PPFFTTTTT…….. Lousy Beefy Guy!

Of course i expected him to offer his gracious muscle strength, not his smile! So maybe offering to sent the gallons is too much, how about helping us load the gallons on the trishaw??!!!
NO! he Did not! Pity that ancient-skeleton man… it looks like i could hearing the breaking of bones if he by himself loaded all 4 of the gallons on his ride.

Four SuPeRChiCs and an old skeleton SucCesSfuLLY did all the work!! 😉 GIRL POWER!! RAWR!!


A week has pass… now only i see the lorry supplier of Gallon arrive at my hostel back yard… there’s a possibility one of the girls here are half dead due to dehydration edi…
superman Pictures, Images and Photos

Superman flew off with Chivalry: up, up and away!!

p/s: the post on Indonesia Idol is true but i didn’t join 😉 was being fanciful only.