Love Thy Neighbour….

Posted on December 27, 2009


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Every Sunday mornings  i have to wake up to the noise of, loud conversation outside my door!
She sounds like she is shouting into the phone… probably the other end of the reception is bad.

I’ve no grudge towards a person who decides to take their conversation at their front door (god knows why though…) as long it’s not being amplified. I have no intent to eavesdrop on whatever they are saying but i find it so hard to shut my ears off… confession i don’t know what she is rambling about except for the high pitch of laughter and whatever noises she makes.

If i were the person at the other end of the receiver, i’ll be repulse by the way she talks and laughs. It sounded like a Jackal

Back to being mean and grouchy, I had to blast music from my room with the door open of course.
There… she went back into her hole! Thank GOD!!!

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Scratch the word “SANDCASTLES”….¬† I HATE my NEIGHBOUR!!!