Heavy Pent-up thoughts

Posted on December 30, 2009


Ever have one of those heavy pent-up thoughts or emotions that you have the need to get it off your chest, but it is easier said than done. Load of the thoughts or emotions are just too much for you that you think other people may not be able to handle it too. Because the reasoning is why can others handle when you can’t? So you decide to bottle up inside.

The other reason that is hard to un-bottle those thoughts is because ” What if they judge?”
No one wants to be label a nut case or a person with lot of unresolved issues.  Everyone wants to be normal or let people think they are. Telling too much might just ruin pretty much of the image that took so many years to conjure up.

A person has so many facade but only the dominant sticks out.

” Peel the layers of onion skin away, the center bulb is the sweetest” -VerbatimCries-

It takes time to know a person from the way they portray themselves, talk, act, carry themselves, perceive, think and feel. The simple appearance of what you see may not be all there is, the complicated projection could be deceiving to something more complicated or perhaps simpler than expected.

There are a very few people i know of who either very complex or too simple.
But as I get to know them better through small talks usually, it is just like found something shiny. As if i was starring at this rough stone and while polishing it, i found that there are parts that sparkle too!
An “Oooh!..” 🙂 sort of expression.

Thoughts are just thoughts, it got to be let out if it is bothering you inside otherwise you go crazy like an itch is a place you can’t scratch.
So if you can’t tell it out. You write it out, blog it out.

Although some people may think you’re nuts reading your nutty random thoughts, it shouldn’t matter. Rather than going innately  insane by yourself, my as well share it with the world. There are more empathizing strangers out there ready to accept what the quirky world has to offer and with a more open mind not being judgmental.

Truth to be told, from observation, and personally, i think

Friends and Family make more judgmental foes than Strangers. -VerbatimCries-

Don’t take it personally or badly, if you want to know why take a wild guess 🙂
They care most and more affectionately since they want the best for you as they see or know fit.

Hence: heavy pent-up thoughts or emotions are not erratic phenomenon of the person’s brain, it’s just a pin pricking them
and there’s no need to jump into conclusions just yet, an ear to listen will just do fine.

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