National Service ’10

Posted on January 2, 2010


The Malaysian National Service aka the PLKN which is the abbreviation for “Program Latihan Khidmat Negara” or literally translated as National Service Training Program or just known as NS, is a compulsory 3 months military service program for teenagers that started in December 2003.

Lucky for me i did not get pick. I wondered how would i have fare or like. So many different feedbacks i got from friends who got pick to attend this program, which is all paid for. From your uniform to 2 pairs of shoes- dining 6 times a day (or so i heard)!!!

He’s very excited about it at first but he got a little more emo than usual yesterday. Sighing throughout the conversation… it’s hard for a 17 year old to embark on his own to a drilling-seminar camp. The reasons for his sighs and nighs are quite ridiculous, but coming from a upbeat town multiracial town, i dare say there aren’t much or obvious racial sentiment issue arise that causes controversial.  However, there are friends of my bro’s that told him quite a bit of unpleasant stories that happen in PLKN. He bought little bag locks because there seem to be thievery when you’re in a really big crowd. The irony, he worries of racial polarization when the sole reason for NS was to combat that. I couldn’t say much to him but laugh at his worries… found it funny and i’m extroverted in a way. Plus he got the situation foreseen and took precaution, let’s see what other sort of funny happenings could happen.

He left today with the parents to gather at Shah Alam stadium with the others,  his not so far future NS mates. 😛

Funny thing is i tried checking up on the National Service base camp in Perak for Bidor. I can’t find it! Even on Malaysian National Service-Wikipedia do not have the place listed. Someone did not update the list of training camps.

The only thing which i got all  about Bidor is their noodles and biscuits at their really super-duper famous PUN CHUN Restaurant. All the links that i went through is making me hungry! The food pics are really awesome! This restaurant is famous for their Duck Noodle, “Sat Kai Ma” and ” Kai Zai Peng”. The town itself is famous for selling seedless guava and stink beans ” Petai”!!

It’s 45 minutes from Ipoh and to get to Bidor just usethe North-South PLUS Highway and find JALAN BESAR!

Anyway, it’s not a must to travel all the way to get a taste of Duck Noodle, there’s one somewhere in Klang Valley.
Interested? Well head over to Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam- click on *Eating Asia* for map and address, click on *Lust for Life* for the review and food pics on the Kota Kemuning branch.

As for me i’ll be still be heading to find the origins of this famous place
after i’ve read and ogle at all this food pics at *this blog* and  this link and on Visitor’s Guide Malaysia and from themamakcorner and this random this blog too! And of course to check the NS camp there to pay a visit to Twin. Perhaps make a trip to Cameron Highland too since it is on the way! :p

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