Demo display and Arson Attacks

Posted on January 9, 2010


Hear Hear Hear Hear
See See See See
What have become of thee? -verbatimcries-

So look what happened? The infuriated sensitive people have let their immoral compulsive act unleash. Three churches at Selangor were burn down, a manhandle pastor and a friendly warning with a shake of faith. All for the one particular Noun “ALLAH”.
What is this all about? Why do they turned moral values away when their faith is shaken?

Faith is something you trust *blindly, instinctively, wholeheartedly* in that is truth. When faith is shaken so is truth.  -verbatimcries-

My guess is, the proverb “The Truth Should Prevail” does not apply to them.

After much thoughts of this happenings, anyone who says that it is about time to step up and not push around by the non-muslims; does not care if other countries allows the noun-that-should-not-be-use-by-NM because it is their obligation to take care of their religion in their own ‘kebijaksanaan’.

Well i suggest that everyone should read this:

Beza Antara Merebut Nama Allah Dan Mempertahankan Akidah

because Dr. Mohd Asri Bin Zainul Abidin has pretty much said it all and i must say WELL SAID on this issue of Noun.

He said everything i couldn’t have eloquently say into a simple sentence, and the post of his is a good read.
I quote from him: “Isu ini bukan isu nas Islam, ianya lebih bersifat pentadbiran atau tempatan.”