My Life is Average

Posted on January 16, 2010


My life is indeed average… i should have just bought me a friday night bus ticket to Bali and i didn’t. I waved excitement goodbye knowing i won’t enjoy so much of it since i’m already burnt out from two weeks of exams. Then again i think, if i get through Bali that will be AWESOME because it just shows that i can stay awake for long on-call hours.

Laptop pass out on the 3rd last day of exam. Had it repaired yesterday and got it right on the dot 24hours later. Man, i really do love my computer guy!! 😀 *sigh* :))
Guess i don’t need a new laptop after all 🙂 This one will just do fine so i’ll have to bear with lugging 2.5kg around when i have to do work in the hospital during clerkship and internship.

Had 13hrs of sleep and now i feel utterly bored. My life pace have moved so fast that slowing down makes me wants to cry… I’ve got to think of ways to pass so that end of January will come! Can’t wait to change scene and get bored back home.