Disclosure- Growing up Abroad

Posted on January 24, 2010


Once upon time, after a couple of years strewn across the globe, we finally manage a gathering of the Didiotz, Bha lamented:” We all grown apart…” but Ongkie said:” Honey, we didn’t grown apart, we just didn’t grow together”.
( i still remember those were the exact words said by them).

After that many years of friendship bonded, that was how we became more different.

Then today after reading a reply from a short email, a sudden revelation and passing thoughts of what was said once upon a Didiotz gathering….

We are the same person that we are back then, to explain in verbatim i  would say similar to a laptop- Dell Inspiron640m is still a laptop of it’s kind, if new programs are installed, it is different than before. Same goes to a person, a friend, family.

Every time 6 months goes by, little changes manifest into big ones. Returning home thinking you return to the pause time of where you left off, on the contrary of course. Rationally you know it is not, deep down you wish it was. Then when you get together, the thoughts of this feels comfy, this feels natural, this feels like us- the catalyst of us like key and lock is working!

Many soft-wares created to the same job yet each to its edge or soft-ware of the same sort but in different edition. Eg. Java Console 6.0.17 and Java Quick Starter 1.0 Or like microsoft office 2003 and 2007.  I digress not to far.
So, something old and familiar is not there anymore. There are new quirks to learn. It applies to both family and friends that’s left behind.

Being abroad or growing away from familiarity(home/someone) is you growing with the others around you and most importantly growing to suit yourself.

You and I didn’t grew apart, we just didn’t grow together.
Fam: For all the fights or disagreement we had and even awkward moments it’s not because of you or me it was US. I forgot the old ways and I got to learn the new ways of what makes you thick and thin.
BFF: We many not be as connected and tightly knitted as we once were but we are still link to one to another from one person to the other.

We just got to adjust to each others flow.


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