it can wait

Posted on January 29, 2010


waited so long for just to attend two days of classes and take an exam especially for that class.

got a fair share of cuts inside.

just finished bawling my eyes out,  all seem calm again.

all is good, adversity is good,

courtesy of

thanks for the calls and messages, but all i could do was text!

and hear the thoughts in my head.

I feel the concern and love! ❤ Dank u (german)

what is one more day, when i’ve already come this far?

sometimes you got to do what you got to do.

Random note:

Apparently I got the highest curriculum marks among the Malaysians of my batch in Faculty! However, it is not enough because i lack of 0.8 marks. I’m in disbelieve of course. Me thinks me owes this to the Buddhist society i joined in here. 🙂

On a lower note, for the first time i manage to hit rock bottom in my academic record. And again in disbelieve.
~There is always a first time for something!