Looking Good vs. Good Looking

Posted on February 7, 2010


Appearance counts.
Some may find it disagreeable, superficial and vain, but i shall state anyway that GOOD LOOKING and LOOKING GOOD are TWO different things.

For those who are blessed with good looks are really lucky people. It is probably effortless for them to maintain looking good the entire day.

From the Head to the Toe, the way you dress and hair
You can’t deny that if you are looker you get heads turning you way, whistle at, cat calls and appreciative glances with a smile thrown your way. Those are something to be proud of – you’ve made yourself very pleasant in the eyes of the beholder. Face it, we are all beings that appreciate a beauty in all forms, be it art, nature, architecture, breath taking view, etc.

Not everyone can posses beauty so perfect, you make due with what you have, maximize it.
Some merely don up with make up to enhance their looks. A face without make up is like a plain canvas that has much potential to be transform in to something exquisite. When you see the difference, take a step back and marvel how far cosmetic has come to.
In certain culture like Japan, make up is essential when you go to work, it is a sign of respect for yourself. No one likes to see a pale lifeless face in the work room that can zap the zest of life out of you. There’s no need for heavy make up, simple donning up is good enough not to be rude in Japan.
Make up is a form of artistry. If you can’t appreciate those who uses it, try to appreciate the art of it that it can transform one thing to look like something else!
eg: Horror movie characters, gory butchered picture, life anime- COSPLAY, Benjamin Buttons, The Crow, Joker.

I believe there are people out there that thinks using facial wash is good enough to care for the skin, perhaps if you have very good skin genetically programed in you from the start. All skins need good care, nourishment and protection. UV-rays are harmful, it ages the skin. However how many people who are staying in the hot tropical country uses sunblock? Or how many guys actually think it is not sissy to do so?

I remember my last holiday trip back home when on a shopping look out for skin care product, i saw this seller/owner of a Korean skin goods at Pyramid was recommending and explaining to me about some products. I couldn’t help but notice in awe on what healthy pink his face showed. Needless to say he of course uses the products of his shop.

Frankly, being female does not mean i know all types of skin care there is, i admit i don’t and don’t even use that many skin products that are available out there. Just use what you need, don’t over-burden the largest organ of the body. The basics skin care- Facial wash, Facial Scrub, Mask, Pore tightener, Toner, Day/Night Cream, puffy eyes/dark circles remover, acne cream, Moisturizer, Facial Sunblock SPF 3o and the list goes on.

Receding hairlines, hair loss, slow-hair growth spurt and a bad haircut… the things that makes both sexes worry because the hair is the crown of our head.

Bad haircuts and Fabulous cuts, and it’s all about that lustrous bouncy shiny hair, be it straight, curly, short or long whatever suits the face-cut but a dull looking hair and a unruly to the un-kept ones really is a BIG NO, NO!! Some guys can maintain the shaggy, untidy hairstyle that also takes some effort to pull through.

If you think girls are the ones that fuss about bad haircuts, i’ve known a fair share of boys that do too! Your hair is like the cloth on that head!
Keep it healthy with Hair Spa, Hair Treatment, Creambath! ahhh the massage galore! I’ve got to say hair care in Indonesia is so much more cheaper than Malaysia! It’s not about the currency, it is because they have their own products and it’s a way of life here going for weekly or monthly hair treatment using the traditional stuff or the modern-chemical type.

Nails, Nails, Nails! I like ’em long and painted! Some like them French.
Confession on behalf of the female population out there, we, females do tend to check out the opposite sex nails other than the other packages you have. Clean, healthy nails do say a lot about a person. If you don’t know how to keep those fingers or toes nails long and beautiful, just keep it short and neat! No one ever wants grimy paws touching them at all.

Some guys likes to keep their pinky finger nail long but the rest short, or they have random nails that is kept long on purpose. IT IS GROSS!!! Very undelicate to the eyes… and yes we know that certain finger nails are long for a certain job!

So buff them shine, shape them, cut them or paint them!

Appearance Counts. it’s not superficial, there’s a difference between good looking and looking good. It takes effort to take care of your appearance. It’s caring for yourself. Don’t hesitate to pamper YOU!

(ps: because i did facial and hairspa in Malang! it felt wonderful! I had facial with all my gunks out and a FABULOUS hair-spa with neck-shoulder-hand massages, plus i painted my nails on my own… i’ve never felt so good+prettier!

pps: I did hair treatment and got a fabulous haircut at Taipan 8Eight Hair Saloon the same row as Maybank. Really good place in terms of service and work and people.)