Swallowing Anxiety

Posted on March 11, 2010


Take a ride on the gentle waves,
float on the waters,
let the buoyant sea carry all,
go with the flow

One of the rarest of time when gaster secretes more hydrochloride acid than usual. Never ever happened to me on a full stomach because i had my dinner. In this life time of age i had 3 encounters of gastric and all are a vague memory.

No prize giving to those who guess the causation right.

I’m feel like crap, when talks of the future doesn’t look as  rosy as the thread i weaved. Questions of uncertainty pop in and out. There are times it feels like i know i’m on the right track, i’m doing the right thing, feeling high; yet there are those times the total opposite.

Bobbing on waters is not pleasant, just waiting for the strong wave to engulf self and with water sputtering from mouth, trying to gulp air into lungs.

This shall pass!
-just need to adjust and get hold of self-

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