SPM results are out!

Posted on March 12, 2010


lolx! Fuhhh! I got heart palpitations when i got the results!
I got my results 5 years ago, this time it is The Twin.
He Tapau-ed everything!

Me gut twisted… i do not know what the new SPM grading system means
my guess is that A1= A+, A2=A-… and so on. wth? It is like the grading system in primary school or kindergarden!

I guess it is every kid’s dream to embark their journey to the after high school life. Gone are those dreaded uniform, that conforms everyone into being the same; goodbyes to those discipline teachers; no more stringent rules; and of course HELLO to Socializing and Individuality! ” Hello New World =)

Every kid has been anticipating their after Form 5 life. This i dare say where everything starts to shape from the 5 senses into the perception.

All is exciting! However it can be a tough choice choosing which program to follow. Spoil for choices we are. Which college to choose, what program to take? Friends are the biggest influence at times like this. Getting a glimpse of their friend’s life in college from their stories is truly tempting.

I, on the other hand, had the luxury to not fussed over this matter as much as most people. Dad was there to do all the planning. It wasn’t because i did not know what i want to do that i did not plan for myself. It was because i only wanted one thing that i saw nothing else, that made it hard to choose too. My results were mediocre and being in the pool of mediocrity it is tough competition. Frankly, to me it didn’t feel like there was something bright in the future for me.

Saved by Dad
Doodah found a Pre-U Program alike Foundation Program in UnPad, Bandung for students who plans to study pharmacy, dentistry and medicine. A two in one opportunity! One- to study med, and Two- leave the nest… Freedom!

Well it not that i was on a tight leash or worse. Moomah worries too much, a lot of things are ‘NO’ and it also depends on which child of the order are you. Unlike those rebellious kids out there that goes out even consent is not given. Bless are my parents that need not have to face this sort of situation/children. We take what we can get, sulk to when we can’t.

So this is what i understand what is a Foundation program and what is a A-level/SAM/ADP and the likes is in my own context. The former one is for those why are aware of what they want to study and wants a straight cut way into their future courses of study; the latter is for those who are not too sure of what they want and plans to keep their option wide open, just in case they change their mind. But of course one got to know that the particular course taken opens door to a certain country for them to do twining or full studies there. SAM for Australia, ADP for America.. etc.

At the end of the day, every or most after Form Five-mers wants:
1) a cool Pre-U program where they can work their social ladder
2) to experience life that was told by their peers

I did feel like that, i do still feel that way sometimes. Then again, not everyone can have their slice of cake and eat it. I just know my time will come, in a different phase of course. Guess what? I took the road not taken =)