Fragments of tHoughts

Posted on March 31, 2010


SMART and STUPID are just human definition to intelligence.

Everyone is smart and every one is stupid to a verifying degree of cognitive understanding. A person is not born stupid, nor smart naturally. Everyone’s rate of understanding and absorption rate of learning new things are different, with time the information is well understood. It’s is not because the person next to you is smarted than you rather the person next to you studies harder than you.

The Good Days and Bad Days of self-torment thoughts of what I want.
Making a sure a choice is call an investment. Making an unsure decision is like taking a risk. I’ve always been so sure of what I want that there is sense of security and stability, somewhere along the path perhaps I’ve lost a footing, stumbled a little and got lost. It’s like you’re floating in the sky as one of those evaporated water cloud, where the destination is determined by the sun and wind.
Those are the bad days! I miss seeing the rainbow and knowing where I want to be: At Rainbow’s End.

What does someone means I do not have anything?
To me that person is not only ambitious, takes their work and personal achievement at pride, is out there to prove to people who looks down on them by making something out of them, but they are also ungrateful of what they have-a little.
There are days, when I get all moped out for what I do not have, then there will always be dad there to remind me of the things I have. Trying to fill myself in that person shoes, my struggles may not be as much as the other person, the bar I set is not that high. I see what the person meant but I do not share the same thoughts. I’m contented. I’m blessed with having sounder mind, more at peace than others for not having to think about all those. My parents are the ones to thank for, for providing all the stable necessity in life and putting off their wants before our needs. I’ve sowed what I reaped- my karma is good, I should do more good.

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