Part I: Clerkship 1March- 13 August 2010

Posted on March 31, 2010


My first lab for clerkship was Obstetric and Gynecology and it was one of my non fav big four labs. I’ve this irrational fear of it. It’s not because I can’t stand gory blood or needles. It is because I couldn’t imagine the theory and the thought of going into ObGyn scares me.
Turn out not as bad as I thought. Still there are many things I should know and delve into using my 5 senses. I find it enjoyable now that I can connect the missing dots 

obgyn cleric crew
:: obgyn clerkship mates ::

ObGyn among the big 4 is the only one which the work and play field scope is around there only, there isn’t many updates in the field. Well according to one of the doctors anyway (though I think it is not like wise in Msia). Clerkship in OnG comprise of attending classes everyday from 1pm-3pm and overnight-ing in the hospital from 3pm-5am! There are only 2 sections that we need to observe during the on-call session @ JAGA (3-4 times in two weeks)- which is in the delivery room and the emergency room. So after morning classes here comes clerkship! My days are that well used up.

obstetric and gynecology
:: after the babies are clean up, placed under the light to keep warm ::

The delivery room@ KABER get’s their patient referred from the emergency room. Those heavy-bellied women usually come in with sudden water-bag broke, gestation hypertension, pre-eclampsia, had a fall, and was referred from the mid-wife of their district to the hospital. In the Emergency room, other than those referral cases that they got to accept first and stabilize the patient, the common cases one can see most frequently is post-partum haemorrhage, Cervial Cancer, Imminens abortion, Incomplete abortion, and cases regarding usage of birth control.
Weekend’s night shift are always very quiet… it is as if all are out partying, enjoying their weekend, putting hold on delivering til comes Monday and so forth. Those are the times MO, nurses and mid-wife take their chances to sleep! They are much sleep deprive  you can see in their zombified expression.
It is okay for clerk-ric to sleep if they are tired but not for the co-assitant final year students because they are there to learn and help.

obstetric and gynecology
:: four babies were born on my last on-call ::

Watching the expulsion of birth is a very magical moment! We talk all about giving birth, how it goes blah blah… but to watch it is just another level of speaking. That very second I thought in to myself in full awed that this short struggle that this baby have to go through to enter the world. Seeing the babies learning to use their lungs by sputtering out blood and meconeum and testing it’s vocal cords and lungs. Do you know the babies here do not get a hard smack on the buttocks to make them cry? They have to do it on their own. Those little things does not get a shower, they are wiped clean off blood with a cloth then bundle up with a towel after rubbing antiseptic gel all over them. Despite were they just came from, they smell good!

obstetric and gynecology
:: this one- breech presentation baby ::

instead of her head coming out  from her mother’s VJ, it was her buttocks