Cooking takes patience and time

Posted on April 4, 2010


Well for me anyway.

I made Assam Fish Curry.. was a failure! Sauce wasn’t oooph enough… perhaps because i had to many ingredients 😉 I’m truly altruistic when it comes to cooking 😛

Did a 2nd attempt on Dried Chicken Curry With Shallots, What can i say? I’ve lots to complain about as usual.
I did not cook it as dry as the first time, and it has less shallots.. Bummer! Spiciness was checked! But i got to alter the taste a bit more, couldn’t taste much after i mix it with rice. shucks!

And HECK i forgot to get lemon grass! From the first time, i wanted lemon grass to see if i can bring out the fragrance!
DOUBLE HECK! The prices of shallots and garlic for 500gram is outrageous!!! ): i feel poorer after buying that.

But it was worthwhile fun and good food. A few more attempts i’ll perfect the art of it, like i’ve done wise with Batik Cake.
Yesterday, i don’t know why on earth i went and google Tiramisu recipe, and it turns out that the ingredients are pretty similar to Batik Cake! I’m Thrilled! Because it is easy to make!! Now, to find out whether the miscellaneous ingredients are cheap or not.

Love long weekends! ❤ sigh~

One more week til midterms! I’m not thrilled! Time is flying fast!