Sugery rotation is EPIC

Posted on April 7, 2010


Had my first surgery class this evening from 5.00pm till 9.00pm it was mind ecstatic for me!
Like the vibe of the emergency room.

There were super nice future to be surgeons! And the fact that the inadequacy of the teaching hospital makes me love it even more for there lots of DIY to be learn! Some what reminds me of ROYAL PAINS!

I want to be a McGuyver Doc!

Never in my life i felt the usefulness of the knowledge of physics that i use to struggle so much and loath, plus value the importance of it. PHYSICS yeah ROCKS!

One more reason to add to the list to love brawijaya 😉
I can finally say this! I EFFING LOVE THE PLACE I’M STUDYING! ❤

much thanks to the great people around!