Choleric turns Anal

Posted on April 8, 2010


I want to roll my eyes inwards and bleed into my ears if i’m going to have to listen to others who are being anal because others are being anal-fied too!

Bloody Mentality!
” if others are coming late, what’s the point of coming early?”

” lets let other people gather first only we do so…”

“oh it’s because they are not here, that’s why i’m waiting here…”

Do you know how much i want to just wring those necks of those who comes when they feel like it? Do not say i’m not a group player.. i would  be if  i had not cared enough to wait. It’s fine if you want to be forever 5 years old or less! Do not drag others down with you!

I’m so CHOLERIC-fied right noW!! !@$%@^#%@$ MOFO