By hook or Crook

Posted on April 12, 2010


Medical Clerkship

Besides the seven subjects i’m taking, the clerkship is running my life. I got to juggle thesis in the process of going through all this. Sometimes it feels i’m programmed, when i wake up and go for classes a continue the afternoon with clerkship. I do not have time for my girlfriends that stay under one roof with me, what more the other cliques i have. I miss hanging out with these people, yet i do not feel life has cast me to loneliness, it instead brought a new flavour in the mundane routine. I’m kept busy, the spare time i have is when i savour the time in solitude.
I’m interacting more with the other Indonesian batchmates of mine who are from different classes. Making new friends and finding friends for keeps.

Finding that sleeping is the hobby i have that i look forward to every time 🙂 Not able to get peaceful sleep, is a bummer!
The subconscious submarine in my head is reminding me constantly to settle the finale with my thesis counselors ASAP. I am trying my best, but there are adversities. Let’s just hope but this friday i get 2 things done first!

But hook or crook, this six weeks gap before pediatric rotation starts i’m going to get it settle! I want my name to be in the First Batch to enter 5th year in the hospital! oohh! I can’t wait!

ps: Curriculum- Social Work @ KKN starts now! That too is in the list of things must do! Total of 20 days in a village outskirt of Malang call Desa Petung Sewu! Believe it or not my group members only TWO knows how to speak Jawa Halus, the rest either only speak Jawa Kasar or they totally forgotten! Damn! Good to know i’m not the only one.