Cortisol random- Exam Wants

Posted on April 14, 2010


OnG paper tomorrow! Can’t say i love studying about endocrinology!

One fact for sure, i’m cortisol high due to lack of sleep, late night, and caffeine! Actually, i’m only drinking water.

I know what  i want to after exams! I want to cook, now to find a nice clique to share a meal with 🙂
I want to go for a picnic, somewhere not far from Malang 🙂
I want to watch the 7 movies that i’ve downloaded so far, and more to come.
I want to go Go-Karting! There is one here, but i’ve never found the time to go there and play nor the right people.
I want to go for Hair-Spa because all the strands of my head are screaming SOS, throw in a good upper chest massage!
I want to go for facial too! Far too many gunks on the face.

Will have to sieve through this wants again, when exams finishes of course!

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