Don’t be so hard on yourself

Posted on April 18, 2010


Life is too short!
But that does not mean, one has to be too brave and go against nature!!

With all the hype on 2012, and the fact that Iceland’s Volcano spewed so much ashes in the air that it clouded area around there so badly, that many airports at Europe have close down, due to flying hazard!

And so i was told not to be be so hard on myself on exams XD hahaha!

I forgotten my parents were to go for a Europe trip! Now it looks like it is too dangerous to embark on journey!
WHO IN THE RIGHT MIND, wants to go on a trip now??!! It is like serving themselves on a silver platter to death!! I hope my parents are sane enough to think of their safety first!

The travel agency, should postpone the trip until all is better or push it until next year or better still offer another trip on another time. Sigh~ some god damn many suckers will do anything just to convince their customers to fly off, DAMN them if they have no mind of keeping people safe!!

I pray that nobody do anything stupid tomorrow!!
Look at the odds, if the flight going to Europe turns well and safe, what about returning back? What if they are stranded there?!! SHYTE!!! Stressfulness! I’ve read the news of some European tourist who came to Asia for hols are now stranded here and have to wait until the flight gives signal to fly back to their destinations.

No matter how much money has been spent… don’t go!!! Seriously DON’T GO!!!!
There will be another time!! Sigh~