just a medical thought

Posted on April 18, 2010


since narcotics have analgesic properties, and is easily absorb in mucous tissue and wound, i wonder why no one thought of using it as  local anesthetic.

If the dose was just right, even if it is absorb into the blood stream and crosses the blood brain barrier to the brain, it will not be enough to cause an addiction. I wonder if there are receptors just to stimulate local anesthetic on the local wound.

It is just my theory of course, with not much research done on yet on my own.

I think it is fantastic if a product so lethal and banned in most countries could be use to do so. I’ve seen it on a movies (i think) but to think it actually work? Just a thought Would love to try it out.

Guess What is this…


If you do know, i give you a lollipop :p

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