F.R.I.E.N.D.S & Splash

Posted on April 24, 2010



:: Getting Splash by Dolphins at Rampal, Klojen Malang ::

Sweet people in deed 🙂 This are the new people i’m hanging out with silly and fun! They were so nice to wait for the few of us to finish exam on thursday to watch this adorable dolphins play and thrill the child at heart audience, which was practically everyone.

Oh there’s a newly wed in that photo too! Nia (in bright Green) and Tony (in black) just got hitch on the 17th of April!!! Hehehe! She invited the whole batch to come, but unfortunately i did not 😦 Heard and saw the pics of the wedding in Semarang is marvelous!! Nia’s mom did all the wedding outfit! She’s a famous modern kebaya designer 😉

Photobucket:: F.R..I.E.N.D.S ::

Come Friday 7a.m.
Picnic we had! or a fake picnic with lots of photo-shoots instead 😉 This is only partial of the Group C from my clerkship crew but this small group are my most favourite people there! 😀
This is like senior high school year all over again, the time where we had major photo takes for our Graduation magazine 😉 I know i’m going to miss this part of my life in Uni (: