the tease

Posted on April 24, 2010


Everyone acts according to their cognitive and emotional level, but only one is more dominant.

Personally, i love teasing people 😉 Be it a bully way or playful way and of course non-mind boggling way. Nearly all social interaction have teasing in it because it is fun as it does spice up the conversation.

Some teasing can be a tool to reach out in starting a relationship. Some relationship needs it, in need of helping hands but some just won’t work that way, in fact the result will be not as thought. Personally, i don’t think that is a healthy way for a relationship to be start on if it was a one sided liking. Let it bud by its own, with ample sunshine, water and good soil; not with extra help of manures. That way, it is safe to say the relationship is base truthfully of mutual liking rather than tease-induced.

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