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Posted on April 25, 2010



Not all simple and are easy to read like an open book. Some text needs deciphering, or need lots of time to reread and there are some text, that no matter how much you read it, the understanding won’t dawn to you either at all or after many years. Yet some reads are not meant to be understood at all.

You wonder why…
You try so hard…
You want to let go, to forget about it but as blood is thicker than water, there’s  reservation of the text, put aside but close to the heart to be decipher another time.

Not wanting to be push away… still trying to be hopeful that either one side will understand each other.
Even so not, i’ll still standby in bitterness or disappointment. I still standby because i understand that we are the type that bottle things up, we do not feel it is necessary to lay our burden thoughts on kins that friends are chosen instead, and because we were never raise to be those who talks about their feelings openly. They say silence is better.
I get that, i do.

I just hate unreply text. Really… so don’t be surprise if one day i had enough that i decided i’m never going to reply those texts. Not because you deserve a taste of that medicine, more of you do not deserve that much of my attention anymore. I will not be the person you can count on with just a text away.

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