I’m going to be my Own SOLO BOSS

Posted on May 3, 2010


To Be The only Boss of Me!
I’m going to work for ME and only ME!!! I dont’ want other people working for me!

i’m not a very good team player… i’m bound to give myself high raise of blood pressure if i’ve to run a company with people who are like this… Why must i have the feeling to dive into everything on a group’s work?? Why can’t i just let it go and run it course?? SIGH~ i’m all tensed up 😦

Group members were suppose to consult with my assigned lecturer on our proposal at 12pm. BY 11.45am none of them were there yet! I called and check to find out that the documents have not been printed out!! Then rain started to pour!! This people are never known for their punctuality.. i can’t believe they are still not!!! Do they not understand that time is of the essence??!

Now all i can do is pray that everything goes well… Oh dear!! i’m worried i’m worried… there’s no time.. i feel like the white bunny in underland. FTP