Sealed Envelope

Posted on May 7, 2010


Your heart is undisclosed to everyone. Sometimes people come and go in your life, and they attempt to open up what is inside – they want to get close to you and help you out, but you are afraid to let them know. Often times you are saddened by the thought that your desires will never be fulfilled and that no one will be there for you. You draw in curiosity and people are interested to know what you hold, but you are unaware of this. The secret? You don’t know what’s in the envelope either.

colour of my mind
Green is the color of nature. When babies are put in green rooms, they cry less. Like blue, green causes the body to produce chemicals that are calming. If you got this result then people probably consider you to be quiet, reflective, and mysterious like a deep forest.

wat type of doc-2nd doc
“Oh my giddy aunt!” You are fun-loving, and excitable but that doesn’t hinder your ability to plan ahead. Although when things get tough you may have trouble at first, you’ll always find a way through. You may overact to entertain or take cover, but you’re a solid person underneath, something only true friends understand.


You are Victor Friëz/”Mr. Friëz,” genius cryogenicist turned hitman-for-hire. Pain and loss have shaped your life enough for you to see others’ suffering as trivial compared to your own. In your opinion, people do not understand what true agony is, or how it shapes them. Most cannot understand what you’ve survived. Objective and realistic, your frank wisdom cuts to the core of any conflict. You are not one for euphemisms: you are rational, focused, and blunt at all times. You take great pride in your work, but despite its genius, it is but an attempt to fill a dark void in your heart that will never go away. You are scientific in your methods and unique in your morality in that it is universal and uncompromising. When you are driven by a goal, you are unstoppable and capable of phenomenal accomplishments.

“You are mistaken. The thing you call ‘love’ is a genetic process, fueled by eons of evolution. It is conditioned and shaped by the strongest among us. It is survival. No different than death other than existing as its opposite. The only universal languages are pain and loss. Every living thing understands them. I make sure of it.” ~Victor Friëz

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