just 3 words

Posted on May 10, 2010


short talk: i met cousin liz online from America! what luck! We chatted for about 47mins 🙂 she’s doing well.

Lecturers will never remember all their students, but students do.
My anatomy lecturer O is one superb guy because i like teachings and patience, although many people said a lot of things of  the contrary about him.

So the other day, i went to give campus to offer some moral support to a close friend i manage to bump into Dr.O and greeted him. He was looking all smiley and asked what i was doing there, i said ” Saya Tunggu Teman” @ i’m waiting for a friend. With amaze look in his eyes he told me i speak very good Bahasa Indonesia! =.=”

I can see myself at that moment depict in a cartoon like those u see on 8tv’s production of Blogger Boy. Me falling down *sweat* >.<

Sir couldn’t remember what year have I am in that he had to ask us how many years have I been in Indonesia and told him what semester i was. Then it proceed with name introduction.

One of those most ZHA DOU conversation i ever had! One of the most astounding compliment i’ve gotten by uttering 3 words!!

My lecturer is being nice!