RAN Baby, Run! <3

Posted on May 17, 2010



I really got to give it to the people of Indonesia that have talent in music. Of the many many bands that i enjoy listening to, one of them is this band call RAN that has been around for 3 years. This is the 3rd gig that i’ve attended so far after PeterPan and Glenn Fredly.

RAN  is an acronym of this 3 boys: Rayi, Asta and Nino

Their songs are those tempo base with feel good tune in it with cute lyrics too.
The single that i first heard and got hooked like a fish was Pandangan Pertama. The starting of the tune caught my ears.

Albeit the crowd was mostly teenage bobpers of the secondary schools around in Malang, it was an enjoyable Saturday night with the girls: Steph, Nan, Made, and Deasy. We felt like high school kids ourselves turning all smitten and giggly.

Ahh.. this has got to be the night highlight of my SEM 8 by far 😉