look up the word- poach egg

Posted on May 30, 2010


hello, it’s been quite a long time since i posted something bit more substantial or wordy worthy. There’s not much to say. When i started blogging, my brain was like twitter, ever single little thing seem to coax me to write a post, and in my head i’ve  lined sentences and post title of my day. That does not happen anymore. I wonder where did that zest of blogging go?

I woke up pretty early and feeling rather content of today’s Sunday, because it has been too long since i had a sunday of my own without any activities. Started my day with listening to Hitz.fm (which wasn’t a very clever thing to do) that lead me to digging up old pictured, editing and posting up on Facebook. Like i said it wasn’t a clever thing to do, because Sundays evokes nostalgia as it is known as family day. One thing nostalgia hits after another, editing pics did not do any remedy to me.  So the remains of my day went on like that.

You see.. perhaps it is because i still do not have a specific knowing of what i want. I can tell you the big picure, but i want the intrinsic details of it, which i’m still searching.

Evening comes… i had a sudden curiosity of finding out, what the heck is poach eggs! I’ve heard of it a few times in life, came across it when i watch Julia and Julie ( the one starring Meryln Streep) and i wanted to know how it is done! haha looks easy but it needs skill! Tempted to try it! But alas, i’ve to admit i do not like having the kitchen in filth and crowding with people. I prefer to have the kitchen all to myself. It is a therapeutic experience for me. It didn’t stop there… from watching poach egg, i watch scramble eggs, and from there i was viewing 5 Gordan Ramsay fast food cooking video!

Ooh la la… he makes me want to prance in the kitchen!!
Cook shows makes it look so easy!!
But for now i’ve to wait 😦