Prioritizing: Miss Call, SMS, Call

Posted on June 1, 2010


This pass few days have got me thinking lots on the importance of hand phone and how it change the course of human life, well my life in all in exact but it is not significantly different from others.

Once upon a time, when i was home bound, Dad always complained, lectured and tried telling us nicely (but in the end gave up on us) about

1] how we shouldn’t sms or take calls during meals with family

Back then: my views on this was neutral
Righ now: i understand what this old man meant. The one most genuine family time of togetherness and closeness mostly
happens at the dining table.

So: all messages or calls  regarding work and friends should take a back seat until dinner is over.

How does a business man cum engineer cum general manager view the importance of the communication of cell phone? Old Bean Man countless of times over different situation mentioned about

2] the nuisance of long texting and what is call for

Back then: neh, i didn’t agree with him! As a teenager to find that i’ve text messages thrills me because making house calls to chat with friends is kinda expensive, not only in terms of payment but the price of lecture receive from oldies.
Right now: this very day, today infact- i find it an utter nuisance to type or receive long texting when all can be utter in one breath through a mere phone call.

Perhaps you do not share the same thoughts as i do. Just wait for the day, when you’re caught in the middle of something now and there that needs your physical and mental attention, but at the same time there are small matters which equally needs you to attend to. That is when you must dial for quick affirmation rather than sending  lengthy ‘short messages’.

All in all, if i was irresponsible, uncaring and such a brutal bitch person i would not entertain those minute text when i’m busy. Very unlike for me to do that, because i know how it feels at the other end of not getting a reply when you texted someone. It’s very annoying to have to wait for a reply.

Hence there is a system to judge the importance of a Miss Call, SMS and Call.

1. A miss call- you get from anyone is not important
Unless you’ve gotten a text as well stating ‘call me back’ or ‘let me know when to call you regarding
this matter’.

2. Two miss calls (or more) with or without text- return call immediately!! Usually it is important.

3. Text/ SMS- if there is something short needed to convey send a text, but if it is lengthy- skip it, just call.
SMS should be short, crisp, and straight to the point- regarding work especially!!

4. Call- If there’s lots needed to be  mentioned. DO NOT TEXT! If an answer is needed immediately call! Do not text!!

5. Miss Call(s) and Text- if you can’t get a person on dial, text crisply and short about the matter. Wait to for return text
or return call.

I still need to learn to
‘Reply when not too busy or when not in the midst of meeting, classes… etc.
Generally, the huge population will reply sms as soon as they can because it is a waste to call and ask for minute stuff on the phone.’
I do that because of that too and for the other reason i’m a nice person just like that.

[read this on Cell Phone: A Serious Epidemic] on how much hp influence out lives that make us neglect the people around us, that care for us, and how quality time is disrupted by it.