It is Father’s Day already!

Posted on June 20, 2010


Heigh Ho!!!

It’s Father’s Day again!! πŸ˜€

Everyone is giving tribute to their dad’s on facebook and twitter, which i find it most ridiculous since their dad does not have either one of the social pages. Then how would those Dads know about the stuff you wrote for them? (ps : Tell it to dad directly! )

I just don’t see much point it.

Unless, dad has an account and he is going to see it. Some ppl post their thoughts of love up for their dad that have moved on, i think it is sweet. You want to remember your dad in a way, since you can’t tell him yourself you need to tell it out loud, that’s good. But for those who still have their dad around please do tell your dad how much you love him, rather putting it on words but not telling him personally.

I once told my friends, My mom and dad teaches me different things in life.
With mom- it will be the lessons of life she’ll tell on how to be a good person, try praying more, giving stuff to people (in
bribery form or not)
With dad- it is more of the how life goes lessons, traits of fixing the household, studies stories, learning the ropes of getting
something you want in life (which goes in and out of my ears, but eventually it will pop up in my head).

For this year, the thing that i feel on what i was taught from dad that gave me most impact felt is:


Truth to be told coordination and spatial judgment are not one of my better skills but we a dose of kiasu-ism i eventually learn properly.
Learning to drive a car was somewhat exciting with rush of adrenaline and Arrrgh! Had the thought in me that the car is taking charge not me, took me quite some time to get in my head that i’m maneuvering the vehicle and the car and i are suppose to be one. πŸ˜› (if that makes any sense to you)

I got way lot of scolding, screaming, shouting and yelling when picking up driving the manual car. I dreaded lessons for it, but because it was a skill that is bound to be so useful i had motivation to look forward to lessons.

After passing driving school, i of course had that thought :” why bother with a stick shift when there’s the auto vehicle”. Hmm.. dad knew i was a handicap still, of course he threw me to the wolves!!!
The week i got my license, was the week i had to drive myself to tuition!! Like i said with bad coordination and spatial judgement, i felt like i was doing something daredevil!! Overtime i learnt i became sort of a road bully (at times), and pick up the art of road cursing. Still i wasn’t given the liberty of driving the auto car until i know the tricks of a manual car from the back of my head (well in case you’re wondering… the answer is no).

I’ve no fear in driving a stick shift. I’m proud that i do because not many people know how to anymore. Tribute it to Dad because twice this year there were calls of need to drive a stick shift!