Posted on June 23, 2010


Growing in a tropical country means u get endless sunshine throughout the year with lots of heavy rain every now and then. The four seasons are very foreign to us, we know of it from Tv and novels but not all of us get to experience what is the fours seasons like.

Novels i’ve read describe and tv showed that Summer is the best time of their life because of the 3 months break (June, July, August) from schools  and uni. Some will go for summer school, some vacation and some will find jobs.

The intersting part is Malaysia geographically in the center of the earth and there’s an event call


Touristy package to lure youngsters to go on local holiday in Lumut, Perak. The promotion of the event is not bad! I’m hooked!! I hope volume 2 will come up soon 🙂

Now to get into the mood, here’s the two summertime songs i’ve enjoyed by far 🙂

A1- Summertime of our lives

LFO- Summer Girls

ps: i can’t wait for my summer hols to happen. So many places to go to, thing to do and people to bond with.