Ha Chi, Ote-ote, Fu Zhou UFO, Oyster Cake

Posted on August 4, 2010


This is my favourite and sinful eat!

I had this long ago when i was younger and in Malaysia, it was rare to get it. Or was it because one of grandma’s friend gave it to us? I’ve not much memory to recall of it except for its taste!


During my 1st semester in Malang, my good friend Albert offered to bring me and a few of my friends around Surabaya. His dad was very into introducing us in the local food here! And Uncle paid for everything! So nice of him.

This is what is called- Ote-ote or Ha Chi in Indonesia. In Singapore it is more known as Fu Zhou UFO ( named by Anthony Bourdain), or in English Oyster Cake.


Filling:  Minced Meat ( chicken/pork/prawns/mixed), Seaweed, Oyster and Batter


This is a rare snack that i get to eat once every year! If my friend ever drives back from his hometown he will never fail to buy a basket of these for us! It doesn’t come CHEAP too! Last time it was Rp 7000/piece now it is Rp 9000/piece!!!

So yesterday, I was accompanying my friends to Surabaya and on the way we stopped by the restaurant at Pandaan!! ooohh i finally know the name of the place!!!

Restaurant Ote-ote

Restaurant MIRAZA (Jl. Raya Kasri 49, , Pandaan

I told myself.. maybe i’ll rent a car and just drive all the way there for a piece of the oily sinful piece of goodsome!! *wipes drool*

Bak Chang and Kee Kian

I tried their Bak Chang@dumpling for the first time, not bad! It is filled with soft and well marinated meat (pork) only. Cost Rp 10,000.

Although the Chang has a generous filling of pork, it still lacks the OMPPH and Generosity of Chang version in Malaysia, which contains not only Bak but also: Salted Duck Egg, Ha Bi (dried prawns), Chinese Mushrooms, Black Fungus, Beans all wrap in the glutinous rice and shaped and binded with bamboo leaves to steam!! ooohhh Glorious Malaysian Bak Chang!! Yum!!