may have been forgotten but still imprinted

Posted on August 4, 2010


10th June 2010

Sometimes the goodness of people surprises me.

I’m a pessimist and i’m an optimist! confuse?  Well i don’t know how to put it… but it’s like that. Truth to be told, i’ve confused myself before, figuring out whether i’m more introverted or extroverted. Then i think, i’m both which depends on situations of course.

I digress from the first sentence.  So how do i naturally view people who are not close to me or that i’ve not accepted as close friends is, “everyone is not nice. even if they are nice, they want something”. Aak aah akk… don’t deny that! Turn around and place your hand on the heart and ask yourself sincerely, have it not cross your mind fleetingly before that you’re nice because you want something? If it’s 100% intentional, you know what you want and you’re hoping to get it, and have a higher chance of getting it.

*updated* 21st June 2010

Was rereading this post  that i didn’t get about to finish posting it -I can’t remember the incident that put a smile on my face the entire evening, not only did it made me feel super good of the world that day, it was filled with hope 🙂

*updated* 4th August 2010

I remember when i wrote this post i i had that warm fuzzy feeling of goodness. I remembered still remembering the incident 11days later. Now i can’t recall anything of what happened but i just know something good happen. Wish warm fuzzy goodness feeling like this can be evoke all over again! (=  I’m sure it will again…. one day, someday.