Pushing the ones you love further away…

Posted on September 26, 2010


You almost made me cry at Subway.

My voice shook as I ordered.

You just wouldn’t stop. For 5 minutes, you couldn’t stop complaining about what a failure I am. You even started telling it to the guy making the friggin sandwiches.

I can’t wait until I’m 18 and I can get away from you. Good job, dad.

(Six Billion Secrets)

When i read this… i was reflecting on it. How true.

No one likes to admit the imperfection of their family, but as i grow older i find that acknowledging the flaws is a step to correcting self.

If something went wrong throughout the day at work or in school or uni and perhaps feeling cranky due to lack of rest, do you ever feel very irritated and frustrated because things are not going smoothly as you expect it to be?
The pent up dissatisfaction grows and you take it back home with you. Little fumbles or little things that does not goes with then and there makes you want to lash out to the person. You do not hold back, and out comes those hurtful or harsh words.
You state your dissatisfaction and disappointment on minute stuff then the other issues, the sound of irritation and frustration rings in your voice, although you can’t hear it, others do.

Sadly, i’m like that too. I don’t realize how dreadful i am until i watched someone else dear doing that too. I saw that the effect of it is not small it’s big and significant… it pushes loves one away..further and further.
I don’t know how to point it out.
All I feel is sad and worried that the day might come when there is no point of return. It is not happening to me but my other two siblings.

It kills me literally to hear that HOME is the last place seek, that is why schedules are fill to the brim to keep busy.

So how now?

I can only pray the best for both. One to be kinder with words and temper and the other to have better understanding.

:: being push… running away ::

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