Picture Perfect

Posted on October 11, 2010


Have you ever listen to Pink- Family Portrait?

I do envy those friends of mine with their family portrait hung up on their wall, then again sometimes i don’t.
It is just hypocritical seeing those pictures but knowing that more goes on behind those happy smiles for the camera.

But, to me…
a family portrait symbolize that everyone in the picture accepts each other for who they are, and what they are not.
That also includes themselves.
The acceptance of self makes them comfortable in their own skin. Ready to accept critics and work towards better changes.

My insensitivity comes with good intention. I don’t over-sugar coat words. I say as it is.
Neither do i think i’m washing dirty laundry in public. It is not dirty at all or better still not dirty enough to be compared.
Everyone has a glitch in the nucleus. So, what?
It just makes the family more quirkier.

I accept. I  will accommodate. I will try to change (us) and try better to understand you and me.

Frankly, i’m standing high and proud of who we are. Knowing that we are willing to change ourselves for the better.
I’m not ashamed of what was.

… now that is picture perfect to me.

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