Keeping ‘it’ at bay

Posted on October 18, 2010


Feeling is a such a great sensation that brings you alive.

As much as i like the heighten sensation of thrill, excitement, and hedonistic happiness, i still have this need in me to control everything. For instance the negative feelings.

Moral but Jealous

A close friend once told me how she was upset because her sisters and hommies are getting tight.
Being rational self, i told her: of course it is nothing. Your friends will always be your friends, the rank of the friendship will not change though your sisters are getting closer with your friends.

Now, i’ve to repeat the same words i told to her for myself. (right now: it makes most rational sense) Because i was feeling the tinge of jealousy. I like to share the people i like with the people i like, but at the same time can i keep them to myself?
I’m not very good in sharing when things or people, when they come in limited edition.
Perhaps i need more assurance that i’m not about to lose something yet learn how to be more generous and put away this self-doubt.

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