So close yet so far

Posted on November 7, 2010


Mt. Merapi of Jogja is 8 hrs + away by car from Malang.
(link of Merapi)

Can’t help to ponder of fate of the everyone there. Today, 500+ Malaysian students got evacuated by TUDM.
Some stayed back to help out as volunteers and some are going through their 5th Clincal Year.

Am awe at how the students are taking the situation there.

It has been raining lots this pass few days. Today especially has been pouring non-stop from 1pm. Makes my mood somber. Should the heavy rain be at Mt.Merapi it could help cool of the lava a bit.

Anyway, last Friday was the 40th day of my PANUM. Exams on Thursday, 11 Novv 2010

Wish me luck!