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Posted on November 21, 2010


Allegory of Five Obstinate Monsters

:: Allegory The Five Obstinate Monsters ::



RedBrick and plant

If you’re obstinate, you’re just plain stubborn. “Obstinate,” “dogged,” “stubborn,” “pertinacious,” and “mulish” all mean that someone is unwilling to change course or give up a belief or plan. “Obstinate” suggests an unreasonable persistence; it’s often a negative word. “Dogged,” which can be more positive, implies that someone goes after something without ever tiring or quitting, while “pertinacious” suggests a persistence that can be annoying. “Stubborn” indicates a resistance to change, which may or may not be admirable. Someone who displays a really unreasonable degree of stubbornness could accurately be described as “mulish.”



rebellious,eccentric, obstinate, curious, liberal, free thinker

:: rebellious, eccentric, obstinate, curious, liberal, free-thinker ::


could be just part of me …
“it is just another name for someone who is not satisfied with being thought an idiot,  he has to prove it”.


DoggedLike i care…