Circus Circus

Posted on August 3, 2014



Well If you haven’t heard that the circus is in town(not just any town But Georgetown,  Penang)! Inconjunction of #GTF George Town Festival.
It is not the usual animal circus as you known of, infact it is an electrifying performances from Finland, Thailand, Japan and China, a bit of culture expose are shown as well in this modern-day circus.

FINLAND’S Race horse company
Did Pong pong pong and Ha Ta Raa.
They used bouncy balls like the ones that one can by for home gym and did amazing somersaults n moves. Got me thinking I need to buy one of those and it will make a pretty fun workout! They did some High jumps w somersault on see-saw.  Which was amazing to See such torque from the body.

THAILAND’S Bunditpatanasilpa Institute
Performance and music transported me to Thailand itself throughout their Thai Shadow Play. The graceful dance moves of the hands and feet executed perfectly with fluidity. They amazing crafty on shadow play is to marvel about!

CHINA’S The Shanghai Starlight Acrobatic Troupe
Got me all daze with their anti-bone-breaking-against-law-of-orthopaedics moves. Imagine stabilizing someone whole weight with their hands on your rib cage and pelvic bone with you on an arch position. The whole performance left me in awe n delightment.

JAPAN’S Wrecking Crew Orchestra – El Squad
Was the main reason Why I wanna watch the circus! As much as I hype and anticipated it still blew me away! The futuristic street dance with the use of LED costumes and darkness was so WOW! Hey it was like Step Up the movie, only Better!


something not to be
Miss! If u haven’t watch it yet there is Still Two more days of the performance! Catch it at Dewan Sri Pinang on Sunday and Monday!