The moon in it’s weird axis

Posted on August 27, 2014


I am blogging this out because I find it amusing that maybe the future self me who reads it one day will laugh about it. And who knows? I might retell this to the person involve.

On one of my longshifts at work with motherhen. 
I was told something more unexpected that I myself did not know. I was pestered to own up that I am married, my husband is in the same working field as me and I have a child. Absurd! I am No where in a relationship. 
Nontheless I think it was an opening conversation for motherhen to break the ice.  Good try! I feigned indifferent.

The same night,  I received a phone call from a person I won’t have expected. Senior to me in a few months in the working field. Telling me how his life was and enquiring about mine. And asking me of my relationship status.
Telling me he wants to court me. As much flattery as I love and so does any girls, I don’t think he was serious more like testing the waters.

But seriously, did the stars line up differently to stirr up such events?