Posted on December 28, 2014


I can’t help but feel sad for the passing of your mom.

You are so strong. I never seen u breakdown or heard the trembling of your voice when you talk of your mom being ill or not doing great.

I am so glad you are able to be at your mom side all this while, trying to help her cope, helping out with your dad.
No words can tell how proud I am of you. (I might not be able to that for my own parents.)

I am so sorry for your loss.
I love you.

I hope today will not be a lousy or saddest birthday for you. Just wanna remind you how much u are love by your mom and all of us.

I wish I can give you a hug and cry with you.

Lots of love and we’ll wishes.

Ps: I am really glad to be able to meet your mom!

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