To the A+++ type

Posted on June 27, 2016


If I were to blog about how bizzare this weekend has been, it will be a lengthy one.

In many ways I am still astounded at the turn out of events.

I have never thought I would click with someone who is so much older than I am. Maybe it is the young soul in you that click with me or perhaps it is the old soul in me that clicks with you!

When I told you I was pleased and happy that you are willing to come over to Miri and visit me, it was really a genuine respond from me. No doubt along the other days before Friday , I had certain apprehension. Thinking what I got myself into!
What if meeting you in person for the weekend turns out awkward or horrible, and I can’t bring myself to be mean and leave you just like that.
Somehow you did read in between the lines, and you brought a friend! (Wise decision indeed).
I digress: Mike is indeed a wonderful, easy going person. It is good you have that one friend that has your back 🙂 and yes dear, you are right, one does not need a sorority group of friends. Darling. I was never angry when you told me over our first phone call that you were bringing Mike. I was digesting that piece information and thinking what are the possibility can turn out if there is Mike around.
No I don’t have a lot of friends, the number of friends reduce in number as I grow older, so perhaps I might have that only 3 good friend when I do come to your age.

You have been patient and considerate throughout our short chats and during your visit. You stayed and patiently waited for my answer when I was tearing up, telling me your point of view on what your situation was. It was a mix feelings to have you telling me, that you are married and that you have a kid. Of course I did have a hunch that you are probably once married. But I didn’t expect to be going out with a married man, or to fall in the category of a home wrecker/ mistress.
I understood your point of view but I still couldn’t shake off those thoughts, yet I was already hook by your honesty and kindness.
I felt awful and sad (for many reasons) and have a huge desire to know you better. Who could have known I would find a type A+++ so intriguing!

You had so many secrets that you can’t tell me. What made me mad was that you refuse to tell me your full name, when I told u mine. Why would anyone want to hide about their name? It is one of the most basic and important introductory of a person. Something wasn’t right. I suspected Alex wasn’t your real name (and you could be Muslim). I didn’t like being lied to. You could have at least give me more trust that I might turn the other way if I knew your real name. I didn’t flinch from chatting with you when you told me your age did I?