Crumbs and crumbles

Posted on December 1, 2016


I need to change my chants of “I don’t want to be unhappy” to a more positive one of “I need to be happy”!

Getting myself into a situation where I am sure as hell would have kick my own self in the ass… For getting myself involve. For fooling myself that I can handle the situation and my heart.

So wrong yet so right…. 

Happy yet so miserable…

The main question was sooner or later, how far will things go. I haven’t put myself out so far,  I should have listen to my own danger bells ringing to end it way earlier but because I was selfish to want to love or feel love a little longer. 

Deep down I knew what was the right thing to do. I needed to be the stronger person. It is going to be painful and tearful for a a few days, no doubt I will get through this. Hardest thing to do is to breakup with someone you still love.

You don’t always end up with your greatest love.