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Circus Circus

August 3, 2014


Well If you haven’t heard that the circus is in town(not just any town But Georgetown,  Penang)! Inconjunction of #GTF George Town Festival. It is not the usual animal circus as you known of, infact it is an electrifying performances from Finland, Thailand, Japan and China, a bit of culture expose are shown as well […]

Classic Cartoons in the 80’s

September 26, 2010


Those were the days and age when it was absolutely acceptable to sit your bum in front of the TV and watch hours and hours of cartoons on a Saturday morning! hahaha or anyday with the 5.30pm slot shot for kids to watch their 30mins show on weekdays. hahahah


June 23, 2010


Growing in a tropical country means u get endless sunshine throughout the year with lots of heavy rain every now and then. The four seasons are very foreign to us, we know of it from Tv and novels but not all of us get to experience what is the fours seasons like. Novels i’ve read […]

look up the word- poach egg

May 30, 2010


hello, it’s been quite a long time since i posted something bit more substantial or wordy worthy. There’s not much to say. When i started blogging, my brain was like twitter, ever single little thing seem to coax me to write a post, and in my head i’ve  lined sentences and post title of my […]

RAN Baby, Run! <3

May 17, 2010


I really got to give it to the people of Indonesia that have talent in music. Of the many many bands that i enjoy listening to, one of them is this band call RAN that has been around for 3 years. This is the 3rd gig that i’ve attended so far after PeterPan and Glenn […]

Hello, I Love You

May 14, 2010


A song back from the year 1968 by THE DOORS. Love the sound of the guitar so catchy! So is the Chorus! ” Hello, I Love You Won’t you tell me your name? Hello, I Love You Let me Jump in your game. “ It is really ridiculous to come up to a person and […]

Movie Magic

April 3, 2010


I miss going to the cinemas ): it’s been one month 😛 since i watch a really good show on the big screens! Here are the list of movies i’m going to try to download: 1) Sherlock Holmes 2) Alvin and the Chipmunks- The Squeakquel 3) How to Train your Dragon 4) Percy Jackson & […]