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Looking Good vs. Good Looking

February 7, 2010


Appearance counts. Some may find it disagreeable, superficial and vain, but i shall state anyway that GOOD LOOKING and LOOKING GOOD are TWO different things. For those who are blessed with good looks are really lucky people. It is probably effortless for them to maintain looking good the entire day. From the Head to the […]

Life’s funny I

December 19, 2009


After hearing the song “Sexy Bitch”, my mom said, “I don’t appreciate them playing songs about me on the radio, without my permission.” It’s safe to say that my mom is the coolest person I know. MLIA. I posted on Facebook yesterday… i garnered quite a few response from friends and family which i am […]

staying Thrifty

December 3, 2009


Tonight Rainism in Jakarta!! I’m not there 😦 Damn… why does the capital city of Indonesia have to be so friggin far??!! Why must it be at the other end of the Java Island?!! I’ll shall have to see you another time Namja Chingu, Bi… *sigh* I’ve been browsing from stores to boutiques on window […]

Why we blog or read blogs?

June 7, 2009


I mentioned before in one of this dusty post on why some people like us blogs or read blogs. Doodah didn’t understand why his youngsters are doing that. Previously i said that it’s just a site to put down pent up emotions into words, it is a healthy way to cope with stress, and learn […]


May 3, 2009


I’ve been doing lots of going up and down on getting back to socialising (hehe) and doing work. I can’t believe i have more work outside of academics boundaries. Sigh~ There are moments i wish it was exam period! My schedule is back to classes, Thesis exploration, plucking hibiscus, and two more new additions: participating […]

I-wants Wishlist 2009

January 5, 2009


Last year a bossom friend told me it was very hard to get something for me… (i’m picky) told me to create a wishlist. Here’s one 1. A set of cosmetics- MAC, Bobbi Brown, Benefit i’ve run out of the essentials. *hints hints to Dad* 2. Hat- not just any hat but like this! The […]

Vote me… she’s out!

November 25, 2008


Resting is very important. I had the best NREM (non rapid eye movement) Nap ever for this Semester! Thanks to the pouring rain and the happily filled stomach *humming peacefully* I think I just pissed someone of internally this morning! hahaha… omg.. i still have the knack to do that! Makes me wonder whether that […]