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Salmon Carbonara

November 8, 2010


I always thought that Carbonara was hard to make. Took me 6 years to actually looked up for the recipe and watched it on YouTube. Actually, when i read the recipe years ago i thought it was complicated. Guess it was for my young mind back then when anything regarding kitchen matters is hard.  (Yes […]

Of Ayam masak Merah and Bubur Lambuk

October 12, 2010


…:bubur lambuk.ayam masak merah.kuih kelapat.caramel pudding.bihun goreng:… Pictures paint a thousand words on Binary Day (10.10.10) Got to be the best 2006 batch pot luck raya by far for me 🙂 Never felt ever more in place. <3<3<3     oh ya… the she who was tired after cooking the big bulk of ayam masak […]

Box Fish- delicacy

September 25, 2010


The name of this strange looking square fish takes after its shape- BOX FISH I saw this fish when i was in Aquaria, KLCC and it looks adorable to me! 🙂 It does not swim as fast as the other fishes due to it’s big bony structure. Ostraciidae is a family of squared, bony fish […]

Ha Chi, Ote-ote, Fu Zhou UFO, Oyster Cake

August 4, 2010


This is my favourite and sinful eat! I had this long ago when i was younger and in Malaysia, it was rare to get it. Or was it because one of grandma’s friend gave it to us? I’ve not much memory to recall of it except for its taste! During my 1st semester in Malang, […]

look up the word- poach egg

May 30, 2010


hello, it’s been quite a long time since i posted something bit more substantial or wordy worthy. There’s not much to say. When i started blogging, my brain was like twitter, ever single little thing seem to coax me to write a post, and in my head i’ve  lined sentences and post title of my […]

Cooking takes patience and time

April 4, 2010


Well for me anyway. I made Assam Fish Curry.. was a failure! Sauce wasn’t oooph enough… perhaps because i had to many ingredients 😉 I’m truly altruistic when it comes to cooking 😛 Did a 2nd attempt on Dried Chicken Curry With Shallots, What can i say? I’ve lots to complain about as usual. I […]

Superman flew out of Chivalry

December 26, 2009