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Cortisol random- Exam Wants

April 14, 2010


OnG paper tomorrow! Can’t say i love studying about endocrinology! One fact for sure, i’m cortisol high due to lack of sleep, late night, and caffeine! Actually, i’m only drinking water. I know what  i want to after exams! I want to cook, now to find a nice clique to share a meal with 🙂 […]

Against the Odds

January 9, 2009


Question: how’s the dice? the gamble of life what risk did you make today? Answer: Talking bout risk tat i used to play… is last minute rush…(on time)… Almost need to fly on d day of exam… Reply: the roulette that you play is one of my favourite games i pick my lucky number and […]

I-wants Wishlist 2009

January 5, 2009


Last year a bossom friend told me it was very hard to get something for me… (i’m picky) told me to create a wishlist. Here’s one 1. A set of cosmetics- MAC, Bobbi Brown, Benefit i’ve run out of the essentials. *hints hints to Dad* 2. Hat- not just any hat but like this! The […]


January 3, 2009


In the year 2009 i want to go to this places: 1. BATU for Parasailing in conjunction of turning a year older! Any daredevils interested to join me? 2. PICNIC at either Coban Rondo or Tlogo Mas (being coup in the room too long does leave me wanting to bask in the sun or see […]

my current love interest

October 30, 2008


I’ve been eyeing him, “V” for a few months now. Ever since i saw V on the road with a junior of mine… *sighs dreamily* Who could have thought i would have met a fine looking Italian persona in Malang? He is good looking! Or shall i say classically good looking, sexy and oozing with […]

10 Criterias

October 10, 2008


Today i was asked for fun to list 10 criterias or traits in a guy that i like in. Boy, i think i did have trouble listing down! All i know the main thing is… 1. Tall, 183cm 2. Funny 3. Sharp-Nose (no. 1 and 3 is to memperbaiki Genetik)… Hahaha! So the remaining of […]

drool,mask, control

July 25, 2008


Torn between eating happily and exercising and dieting. Susahla!!! I’ve a friend who is really controlling her meals because she wants to lose enough weight to gain back later in Msia with all those Lip-Smacking food! My appetite has been suppressed but my head is filled with those delicious-mouthwatering eateries wants! HOWLA! So hailat! Tmr […]