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40 days of Panum

September 19, 2010


Five week of holidays- I could say it was the best for it was the most happening one by far. I live for excitement in life, to do things that one could not do it routinely that tantalizes the 5 senses. So this hols has been awesome because of the many things i got to […]

may have been forgotten but still imprinted

August 4, 2010


10th June 2010 Sometimes the goodness of people surprises me. I’m a pessimist and i’m an optimist! confuse?ย  Well i don’t know how to put it… but it’s like that. Truth to be told, i’ve confused myself before, figuring out whether i’m more introverted or extroverted. Then i think, i’m both which depends on situations […]

just 3 words

May 10, 2010


short talk: i met cousin liz online from America! what luck! We chatted for about 47mins ๐Ÿ™‚ she’s doing well. Lecturers will never remember all their students, but students do. My anatomy lecturer O is one superb guy because i like teachings and patience, although many people said a lot of things ofย  the contrary […]

White Rabbit says:

May 3, 2010


if you’re one of the following people below, please do not HESITATE to JUMP DOWN from tall buildings or stand in the middle of the road and get run over!! 1) a person who is not punctual at all 2) a person who does not know how to turn up work when it is due […]

I’m going to be my Own SOLO BOSS

May 3, 2010


To Be The only Boss of Me! I’m going to work for ME and only ME!!! I dont’ want other people working for me! i’m not a very good team player… i’m bound to give myself high raise of blood pressure if i’ve to run a company with people who are like this… Why must […]

F.R.I.E.N.D.S & Splash

April 24, 2010


:: Getting Splash by Dolphins at Rampal, Klojen Malang :: Sweet people in deed ๐Ÿ™‚ This are the new people i’m hanging out with silly and fun! They were so nice to wait for the few of us to finish exam on thursday to watch this adorable dolphins play and thrill the child at heart […]

By hook or Crook

April 12, 2010


Besides the seven subjects i’m taking, the clerkship is running my life. I got to juggle thesis in the process of going through all this. Sometimes it feels i’m programmed, when i wake up and go for classes a continue the afternoon with clerkship. I do not have time for my girlfriends that stay under […]