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Familiarity vs certainties

November 25, 2014


“Some people put themselves out of familiarity because they have familiar self with the uncertainty. Familiarity is impermanent. Yet familiarity spells comfort.”- verbatimcries Advertisements

Take your mind off

October 19, 2014


When you are so wound up in thoughts, negative emotions from a repercussion event that sleeping it off does not work. Well one can try: Diverting thoughts. Engage in other topics that you are familiar or enthusiastic with another person. It is a relieve.

I love 20June’14

September 2, 2014


I have never been in love with only one person.               I have love many, and still loving more. I love the many things I see shines in you. I love the affectionate attention, exchanging of gaze of understanding, the graze of fleeting touch upon my skin. I love how easy n comfortable it is around […]

abandon ship

November 13, 2010


she couldn’t wait so she abandoned the idea of going. Time ticks. It ticks me off when i’ve to wait longer. Puts my mood off. I guess it is the SEA thinking of punctuality that makes me want to vomit. Sorry peeps..i rather frolic off somewhere where the crowds are not happening then to wait […]

Dirty Girl

October 17, 2010


Charismatic but impulsive. Independent but distant. Ambitious but stubborn. Brilliant but obsessive. Moral but jealous. Optimistic but demanding. Thoughtful but slow. Harmonious but subservient. Unconventional but unstable. Artistic but extreme.

Picture Perfect

October 11, 2010


Have you ever listen to Pink- Family Portrait? I do envy those friends of mine with their family portrait hung up on their wall, then again sometimes i don’t. It is just hypocritical seeing those pictures but knowing that more goes on behind those happy smiles for the camera. But, to me… a family portrait […]

Personality Central

September 26, 2010


Original You are constantly coming up with new ideas. For you, the world as it exists is just a jumping-off place; what’s going on inside your mind is often more interesting than what’s going on outside. You don’t feel that the road to success is to be a realist and stick to the program; you […]