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Malaysian Govt Doctors Criteria

October 17, 2010


(s0urce: Facebook) Criterias for becoming a Malaysian Govt Doctor. Theres no need for an aptitude test. Students should consider these requirements:   1. No life outside medicine; this includes dating, sports, clubbing, chores for your parents and visiting the toilet   2. Not to live with your parents. Move out ASAP as they will never […]


June 23, 2010


Growing in a tropical country means u get endless sunshine throughout the year with lots of heavy rain every now and then. The four seasons are very foreign to us, we know of it from Tv and novels but not all of us get to experience what is the fours seasons like. Novels i’ve read […]

Demo display and Arson Attacks

January 9, 2010


Hear Hear Hear Hear See See See See What have become of thee? -verbatimcries- So look what happened? The infuriated sensitive people have let their immoral compulsive act unleash. Three churches at Selangor were burn down, a manhandle pastor and a friendly warning with a shake of faith. All for the one particular Noun “ALLAH”. […]

Noun Banned

January 6, 2010


It was a year ago (i think) i read on the online Star paper that, in Sabah biblical books that was imported from Indonesia was seized due to the word “ALLAH” use in the context referring as GOD in the Bahasa Indonesia. It was one of the most absurd thing that was told then for […]

Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia- cawangan Subang

February 4, 2009


To make passport or renew passport¬† you head to any of the immigration center branch in Malaysia. The nearest and the only place i’ve been so far is the one in Subang, which is situates precisely opposite (before) the Terminal 3 airport. There’s an annex connecting T3 and the immigration building. If you parking within […]